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A versatile, rechargeable version of the much-loved wand vibe, this power packed treat by Doc Johnson is a gorgeous, ultra functional massager with a supple, rounded flexible head perfect for stimulating any area you like to pay special attention to. This type of massager has long been the go-to toy for power-hungry pleasure seekers, offering deep, rhythmic vibration that almost never misses its mark. The Fantastic has a large, silky, deliciously curvy head that flexes on a bend-able neck, you'll be able to position it just right against whatever sweet spot is being lavished with multiple intensities of vibration and a one touch pulse button. The incredibly powerful steady vibration keeps toes curled till the very end- cycling through to find just the right one is simple with a roll of the simple dial on the side of the Wand. Made from safe, phthalate free ABS plastic coated in a velvety topping with that fantastically supple TPR head, the Mood is ideal for sensitive skin, and clean-up is a breeze. Thanks to the great rechargeable design, you won't need to worry about batteries or cords with this massager, simply plug the jackpin on the included charger into the charge port on the bottom of the vibe to juice up the battery. A full charge (6 hours or so), will give you about 4 hours of continuous use. A great lube will enhance your massage experience, so grab your favorite, be it oil, water or silicone based, the Wand and possibly a partner to start enjoying. Wall charger included. Not recommended for use in water.

Aside from massagers you are invited to have a glance at other sex related products like essential oils, lubricants, massage lotions and many other aphrodisiacs. The latter ones are potions that are destined to relax and arouse one's mind and body due to their alluring aroma and flavor. As the majority of people have no time to visit massage cabinets, they could easily resort to sex toys for relaxing their tender areas and intimate spots. Massagers are easy to find and are perfect for home usage. One can buy massagers in any sex store as the current market of sex toys offers a large assortment of massagers thought out to fit any preference and taste. When buying massagers you may be simply astonished by their vivid colors, discreet shapes (duck, cone, mouse, beaver, wormy, banana, etc) and superior quality materials which do also vary from rubber and latex to plastic or any other premium grade material.


Advantages of erotic massagers
When buying a massager, don't look twice at every penny! This splendid sex toy is a great acquisition that will make your sex life and life in general, more enjoyable and fulfilling. It is because massagers are destined to: -boost one's tonus and mood; -chase the boredom and dullness; -help get rid of stress, quotidian problems and aches; -stimulate one's imagination and fantasy; -refresh the relationship; -deliver arousal; -make one's achieve orgasms; -stimulate one's erogenous intimate areas; -masturbate with, etc. The benefits are truly impressive especially nowadays, when most of us come home sick and tired and need relaxation, affection and uplifting sensations. Don't hesitate to buy a massager for living your life in peace and ultimate satisfaction!


Buy a massager
There is a great deal of reasons why everyone should own their own personal massager. First of all massagers may act like real panacea when it comes to aches and pains. Secondly, these sex toys are quite small, discreet and are meant for both men and women. Massagers can be used on any part of one's body and some of them depict the figures of real penises. Once you've decided to buy a massager you should know that there are many types of these dandy erotic accessories. You may focus on ball massagers which are perfect for pampering one's shoulders and back. Of course, these cute round-shaped balls are great for canoodling one's intimate spots, too, especially those that are richly covered with adorable nubs or tickles. You may buy a massager which is totally dedicated to your G-spot as due to its curved shape a woman's G-spot is thoroughly titillated. You may also zero in on oscillating massagers that allure by their diverse heads and texturized surface. There are massagers that come with or without wires. It's up to you to choose the one you are more likely to use. Briefly saying, massagers are very welcome within any relationship and during each solo game. Buy massagers for a healthier and more enjoyable sex life!

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